How do you ensure that your communication lands?

You need to ensure that you present it with power!


As a World Champion of Public Speaking, Verity is in a unique position to help people learn how to find their voice, tell their stories and present with power.  She works with businesses globally to improve how staff present and help them stand out on conference stages and at high stakes events. Her passion is mentoring and empowering people to find their voice, tell their story and present with power.

What Verity Offers


Online or In Person

A brilliant introduction to the principals & practices all great presenters need. Designed as a fast-paced, interactive experience, with actionable take home advice.

Once off sessions or a series of 4 x bi-weekly sessions. Small teams to entire organizations


Online or In Person

A learn-by-doing, experiential course that teaches delegates how to structure speeches, refine their message and ensure that they deliver like a pro
A series of 4 - 6 sessions for up to 15 people. Designed to seriously up skill participants.


Online or In Person

1 or 2-day interactive course that teach delegates how to structure speeches, refine their message and move towards transformational communication.

Ideal for executive teams, sales & marketing teams and large groups.

This course opened my eyes to the art of public speaking. It showed me that public speaking is not a talent, but a skill. These skills will most certainly translate to more successful staff and client meetings. After this course, all of us will indeed be able to PRESENT WITH POWER!  Reinhardt Voges, PKF
courses, workshops & masterclasses

Content you'll cover

Session 1:    Structuring Killer Presentations
Session 2:   Making Your Message Matter
Session 3:   The Power of Storytelling
Session 4:   Mastering Delivery (voice & body)
Session 5:   Engaging your Audience (verbally & visually)
Session 6:   Transformational Communication
It's so much more than presentation skills – it’s about each person finding how to bring themselves credibly into the way they talk about the product. It has also been an amazing team building process where we know our colleagues at a different level to when we started out. I’d highly recommend the course and wouldn’t change anything – It leaves us with a great handbook on presentation and story telling skills, but, more importantly, good practical experience of constructing powerful presentations. DEANE MOORE – JUST SA
A BIG thank you Verity for truly investing your brilliance into sharpening us. I literally felt the shyness shed away and the POWER take over along this journey. I am all charged-up for upcoming speaking opportunities and the world! Lethabo, WWF

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